Dean supporting Ziggy Astoni immediately following she discovered you to definitely the lady husband Brody Morgan is actually having an event

Dean thanks Ziggy through to the lady birthday celebration which have a good campfire, drinks and you will an effective cupcake. Ziggy kisses your and you can tries to sleep which have your however, Dean rejects the woman. Ziggy started to end him and Dean informs her you to she simply wanted to sleep that have her or him very she might get straight back at Brody.

Ziggy’s dad and you may Dean’s workplace Ben Astoni accuses Dean regarding taking advantage of Ziggy, but after apologises as he read the scenario. Dean takes good grudge facing Brody’s this new spouse, Simone Bedford, her one Brody got an affair with. Brody face Dean in the bringing with it between your and Ziggy, Ziggy stood up for Dean informing Brody you to definitely Dean is preferable to him. Dean and you can Ziggy keep go out and you may Dean continues to assistance the girl.

Paul tells them which he keeps sick and you can desired to wade to the rally as he will most likely not real time for long

Dean will get stuck in the middle whenever Willow are convinced that Dean likes Ziggy, but Dean denies they. Whenever Ziggy invites him or her each other to your a night out, Dean gets unclear about Willow that have an issue with him up to Ziggy. Dean and you may Ziggy took selfies and in case Ziggy episodes the brand new pub DJ, Dean requires this lady household. When Ziggy become spending time with boys away from out of town, Dean turned protective away from the woman, telling the woman never to go out, but she won’t listen.

Within Caravan Playground, Dean witnessed one of several people looking to make the most of Ziggy, even though she denied. Dean stages in and you will advised him to help you back down, before taking Ziggy home. When both production to your van an equivalent band of boys ambushed him, overcome each other him or her upwards, and later dump your into the trees.

Dean woke within the overnight and you may attempts to go right back that have a reduced rib and you will bruised face, up until he had been found by the Ben, who drove from the and you can tries to just take him toward hospital, however, Dean refuses, and you will Ben made a decision to drive him or her back once again to the new Farmhouse. Ziggy is shocked discover Dean poorly damage, she suspects he throughout the evening is actually in charge. Maggie persuade Dean to inform law enforcement on his physical violence, but Dean refuses.

Ziggy apologises so you’re able to Dean and blames by herself that they had harm, however, Dean will not blame the girl and you may is still nice up to their, because the she looks his wounds. Dean realized that Ziggy has been bringing distracted by Brody and you will chose to create a great distraction by purchasing the woman an automible and you will fix it together, very she would be distracted regarding Brody. Ziggy thanks your with an embrace.

Dean and you can Ziggy fixes the auto with her. Bella are annoyed when Dean gets too next to Ziggy due to the fact she desires Dean becoming having Willow, and therefore annoys Dean and Colby. Just after getting hired all of the fixed, Ziggy went and you may participate to your Charity Rally Battle from the desert and you may requested Dean to come together with her and he welcomes and the several droves together with her, unaware one to Bella pack out at the back of the vehicles.

Dean and you may Ziggy get a hold of stinky prawns from inside the bonnet of the vehicle, that was good prank remaining of the Paul and you may Tanya

Through to arriving, Dean and Ziggy finds out Bella inside their car and you may Dean confronts the lady and you will Bella informs him that this woman is providing your back where you can find Willow, but Dean asks their how she is going to do this. Dean afterwards titled Colby and you will advised your what Bella performed and you may Colby flew on the rally to collect Bella. Colby will come or take Bella out, as the Dean and you can Ziggy racing together with other racers and you can befriended that have hitched couple, Paul and you may Tanya.

That nights, Dean kisses Ziggy advising the woman which he wished to hug this lady, however, Ziggy didn’t address and you will gets into the lady tent. The following day, Dean face Ziggy in the yesterday and you may imagine the guy got the newest wrong signals, but Ziggy denies it, since the she wanted your so you’re able to kiss the woman.

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