Ill be around on the Tumblr with glamor screenshots and some RP related articles

And most likely certain construction stuff whenever i intend to redesign that of my characteristics and additionally you to belonging to an effective friend.

Every EW posts would-be designated with #Endwalker and you may #Endwalker Spoilers. I highly indicates men and women to filter people labels up to they are from the MSQ. (I’m starting one, too. Up to I get owing to story.)

Unwell be to try out through the MSQ on Mercer and on Machinist. This could already been as the a shock to a few, but… Sage would be leveled 2nd. I simply couldnt give myself to spend really big date milling Bozja without any help to make it to MSQ level into sage. Therefore, getting due to it into Machinist immediately after which top Sage through dungeons. After that, you never know? Performer, White Mage, Gunbreaker, and you may Summoner all are among the list of early objectives to own leveling. Thus, we’ll find.

I am very excited! I really hope everyone else is excited escort in Lafayette LA, also! Ive had RP agreements and you can raid preparations and… way too many preparations!!

Whats their relationship with their sex?

O – Organiser – How organised are they? Would they have people unusual organisation solutions? What can cause them to become end up being uncharacteristically (dis-)organized?

At first look, Mercer seems to be very disorganized. Their workspaces are incredibly messy. Records, guides, journals, ashtrays, and equipment litter essentially most of the flat surface in his working area. That said, Mercer knows exactly where the guy left things. Performed the guy let it rest on the table on a great 40-knowledge perspective next to one to blank coffee mug? They got yes ideal be there when he output for it.

Therefore, I suppose the solution is the fact they are perhaps not organized when you look at the the standard experience, however, features a steel pitfall away from a memory and can certainly contemplate where he leftover something, therefore do not contact something if you do not is also put them back in the actual place these people were leftover.

As for what might stress him out and change which? Usually to have him, this is severe sleep starvation otherwise extreme be concerned. Both of which are pretty prominent incidents for him.

FC Name: Mysterium, The Ivory TowerFC Tag: Leaders: L’yhta Mahre, Rosamund CartwrightOfficers: Anzu Sakata, August Mercer, Kellach Woods, Sasari Sari FC House Address: Plot 5, 24 Ward, MistsAge: 18+

Already found in the 24th Ward of your own Mists, however with their people found over the deal with of Hydaelyn, the brand new Ivory tower aims degree and you will magicks to really make the community a much safer, best place for Her people. The fresh mages regarding Mysterium provides a simple costs: “to research, keep, and exercise secret to the work with and services out-of Hydaelyn and you may The lady youngsters.”

Something that perform give up his recollections

During the online game, Mysterium, the fresh Ivory-tower are a rate 29 100 % free Company, shaped when you look at the 2013 with the Balmung server. We work with lore-appropriate magic and thrill RP that have each week story events, slice-of-lifestyle RP for the month, RP roulettes, an active and you may amicable pair of linkshells (IC and OOC), and you may a discord servers that people give our family unit members of almost every other RP communities. Of these wanting content through its RP, we supply a regular posts night together with advertisement-hoc communities. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly each other IC and you may OOC and constantly willing to help the fresh new players find out the form and you will RP.

We’re usually seeking to satisfy new-people! To make use of, please opinion the app plan ( If you have any queries or maybe just need certainly to fulfill and you will RP around, feel free to contact some of all of our officials during the game or take united states an email here on tumblr.

Good – Recommend – How do they tell you their help for others? Are there any factors that they in public places service? As to why? B – Boy/Woman – What’s its gender? Enjoys that it altered throughout the years? How come the gender pick relate genuinely to its intercourse expression? C – Caregiver – Just how can they offer/found worry top? Would it look after anyone or just a small number of somebody? Just how can they answer somebody in need? D – Director – How much do they feel the need to possess power over its lives? Manage it spend a lot of your energy advising anyone else things to carry out or and more likely to become more acquiescent so you can someone else? Age – Business person – How can they make money? Will they be happy to bring economic risks?

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